friendcatcher, 指那些你免费提供的,可以让你找到朋友的东西。

我从 SWYX 那里知道了这个词,他说这个概念来自于 Patrick McKenzie 的母亲,

Patrick, you should learn to cook. Don't learn to cook because you want to eat food - learn to cook because if you learn to cook you will have an excuse for the rest of your life to bring people over to your house.

No one who knows how to cook will ever lack for friends.

Patrick 学会厨艺没有我不知道,但他却记住了这个词,并把它适用到更广泛的领域:

Platform Before Product.

Build the things that will allow you to engage an audience and improve it over time. Included in this: Friendcatchers. Friendcatchers are small, contained lists, essays or apps that solve resonant (emotional, relevant), tractable, underserved problems.

我的 blog,播客,视频就是我的 friendcatcher。

感谢互联网,当我们分享自己的兴趣爱好,learn in public, build in public 时,我们的内容会给我们带来有相同志趣的人。